Great 30 minute workout routines you can go at home or the gymIntense workout routines you can perform in 30 minutes. These routines are prefect for individuals on the go. Note: Shorter routines should be more intense for the best results. 

A thirty minute workout is a great time frame for a quick workout. It’s long enough to get an effective workout done. To execute a good workout in 30 minutes you must increase your intensity level. For example, you may execute 12 exercises you normally do in a 60 minutes in half the time.


To accomplish this you must do the following: 

  • Decrease your rest time in between sets

  • Do not allow any distractions to waste time

  • Have your equipment available so you can quickly move from one exercise to the other

  • Superset one exercise with another opposite muscle group 

A 30-minute workout is great for individuals who may be on a lunch break or just short on time. Planned correctly, a good workout can include a warm up, the main workout and a cool down period. A good routine can be a cardiovascular workout, weightlifting, flexibility or a combination of all three. The best routine will include enough exercises to be effective but not too many that you will rush through your repetitions and sacrificing good form. 

 A 30-minute workout is also good for beginners to gradually introduce them to a new workout program. A beginner’s workout is long enough to learn several exercises and proper techniques without overloading them with too much. A typical workout would be about 7 exercises with one set each and 10-15 repetitions. The intensity level would be low around 30-40% of your max weight. The rest time would be 2 to 3 minutes between sets.