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  • I think this a great way to reachout to those of us that not as movitivate as we use to when it comes to working out, eating healthly, and most of all staying there! I know it has been a little dificult for me, especially in my 50ish. I will take all the advise, comments, and thougths! I hope I can be of any help to you as while. Thanks new friends.
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  • Hi everyone please follow my fitness diary on face book my name is steven worsley and i started this diary to keep me motivated im trying to gett 500 members i have got 177 so far, just ask to be freinds on the diary cheers folks look foward to getting 500 hopefully lol.
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  • 17/7/12
    Today has proved to me what i belive in is true, children do watch and learn from there parents all the time even when you dont think they are listening they are. Tom my 6ry old was in the kitchen on his own when i walked in on him trying to do push ups, god love him he was trying his very best. I asked him what he was doing and he said he wanted to copy me and wait for it "HAVE BIG MUSCLE
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