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staying motivated to do nothing (rest day)

If you are having trouble not doing anything on a rest day get over it.   If you are constantly doing an activity even on your off days you will eventually injure and wear your body down.  You must get proper rest to recover from workout routines, especially if you lift heavy tearing the muscles.  I usually suggest two day a week rest doing nothing.  You will do better in the end doing it that way.

Jacuzzi Hot Tubs in Spain

Advantages using a modern Jacuzzi in Spain to help provide the solace and relief from the every day stress of today's modern life. One has only to go back to past times and you will see that of all the various and many leisure options available that taking the waters or visiting a Spa and thereby bathing in hot water often using naturally heated water was one of the most important. The name spa comes of course from the natural Hot Spring found at Spa in Belguim.

Hot Tubs for People with High Blood Pressure and Diabetes

A hot tub has the ability to work magic on the aching muscles and has the power to take away the exhaustion from a tired person and offers full relaxation.

Hot tubs are also recommended by physicians for treating high blood pressure and type II diabetes because it has been scientifically proven that hot water in the hot tub is capable of dilating the blood vessels and make the job easier for the heart to pump the blood into the blood stream and thus produce relief to the patients. Hot tubs also reduce the level of blood sugar in diabetic patients and help them lose weight and improve the sleeping pattern.

Hot Tub Spa for Physical Fitness

The basic difference between a hot tub and a hot tub spa is the way in which they are constructed. A hot tub spa is usually made up of plastic or any heavy material and contains jets to soothe the muscles whereas in a hot tub, it is generally made up of a wood or cedar or redwood and fitted with pumps to provide relaxation.

How To Avoid Workout Burnout

There's a fine line between doing just enough physical activity and doing too much.

Many people make the mistake in thinking that more exercise is better.

If lifting 3 days a week will get me a certain amount of muscle, then lifting double the days will even increase my muscle growth. That is not the case.