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Fitness Assessment Data Sheet

Printable fitness assessment sheets to chart your data.


Fitness assessment form you may download and print.


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Real Personal Trainers Do Fitness Assessments

Hi Fitness Professional, 

If you want your clients to take you serious...

Take the time to give them a fitness assessment before you start your training program... 

Any savvy client will deduct points from your credibility if you miss this important step... 

Doing this simple task will show your clients that you actually care about helping them...

Million dollar fitness marketers like Bedros Keuilian recommend doing fitness assessments for your clients because...

A client confident in your skills will send a herd of clients to your gym, or program... which means more money in your pocket.

Tools you need to perform fitness assessments

To get an accurate fitness assessment, it is important to have the right tools like a...

Fitness Assessment Form

Print out this assessment form sheet (pdf. or word format) to record the results of the assessment for yourself and the client.


Skin Fold Caliper 

A skin fold caliper is a tool that gives a pretty accurate measurement of a person's body fat percentage. Your client will see you as an expert when you use this tool. 


Body Measuring Tape

A body tape measure gives you accurate body measurements which helps you set goals for your clients.


Performing a fitness assessment will give you a professional look that will bring you more customers.

Fitness Goal Setting Form

The first thing you should do when starting a fitness program is to know your goals. For example, you may decide you want to lose 25 pounds in 6 months. This is a specific goal that you have set for 6 months. To keep from overwhelming yourself you should set a long term goal and short term goals. 

printable fitness goals form



  Fitness goals form (Word format)  

  Fitness goals form (Pdf format)



Printable goal setting form  

This printable fitness goals form is available in pdf or Microsoft word format. The available size is 8.5 by 11 inches.   


Short term goals 

Your short term goal should be goals you can accomplish in a short amount of time. An example of a short term goals would be to go to join a gym and get a trainer. You may also want to set a goal to lose 2 pounds in the next two weeks. 

  • Jog on the treadmill for longer than you did the week before.
  • Run an extra lap on the track
  • Go grocery store and buy some healthier foods 

Long term goals 

Your long term goal should be realistic but challenging to reach your goals. You may not want to say you are going to look win Mr. Olympia in 3 months of training. Instead you may say you are going to gain 15 pounds of muscle and get ripped. For women, you may not look like a supermodel body in 2 months but 6 months may be enough to give you the look you are working for. If you can’t reach your goals you need to adjust your short-term goals. 

According to “Fitness for Dummies”, list common goals as the following 

  • Improve your health. Exercising enough to lower your blood pressure, increase muscle strength and lower body fat.
  • Alter your looks. You may want to look like your favorite movie star or look good in your bathing suit.
  • Training for an athletic event. You may want to run in the next 5k race downtown for fun.  

Fitness Assessment Form

Free printable fitness assessment form to record your clients body fat, strength, flexibility, and posture.


printable fitness assessment forms

Fitness assessment form template

Fitness assessment form (Pdf format)