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Post your Workout and Diet

If you would like feed back on your workout and food consumption, post your results. Posting your daily log will allow you to recieve feedback from our experts. To better serve you, post details of your goals, age, height, weight, access to equipment, and your typical eating habits.

Tighten your abs and love handles at home


Im trying to tighten my abs and love handles doing exercises daily at home.  What kind of at home exercises can I do?

Romen McDonald is a Fitness Professional in the Birmingham area

Romen McDonald is a Fitness Professional in the Birmingham area. He has high level of education and experience that includes: BS n Nutrition University of Alabama, 8 years of clinical research on exercise, and the Certifications with ISSA

How much dose weight play into developing the pecs?


No problems with diet, I sometimes wonder about the weight I use since I dont have a workout buddy its kinda hard to work out with maximum weight. How much dos weight play into developing the pecs.

I feel that the weight should be dropping off more quickly


I have been working out for about two months now.  I workout approx. 4 days or more a week.  I do one hour of cardio and strength training.  I eat small portions of chicken and fish and vegetables.  I also eat fruit and nuts.  I feel that the weight should be dropping off more quickly.  I have only lost 4 pounds.  I weighed 157 and i am 47 years old.  My goal weight is 140. Can you give me advice on what I am doing wrong.


ok is that 4 pounds in two months.?


Give me specific details of your workout routine if you could.    It sounds like you got the right idea but probably need to make few adjustments.   Sometimes when you don't have that much too lose it is the hardest, meaning you have to work even harder.


I started with 30 minutes of cardio (Crossramper-weightloss program or treadmill)  I started at 30 then for the last two weeks I have been doing a hour of treadmill starting at 4 incline and increasing after each song on my ipod ending with 6 incline at 3.5 speed.  I usually do the machines for a half hour.  My regulars are for the inner and outer thighs, rowing for the back, press for the back of the thigh, overhead pull for the back and I do at least 50 reps at the ab machine. 


I assure you that I eat a small breakfast consisting of either oatmeal or cereal with very little 2% milk.  I drink lots of water.  I eat at least an hour after workout with a protein bar and lots of water and try to snack on nuts and fruit.  My lunch is small being that it is a salad or crackers with peanut butter.  Dinner is usually chicken a vegetable and a small portion of rice or pasta.


If you could give me tips on what I can be doing please do so.  I was working out at 5 or 6 days a week but I read that it is such a thing as too much so I go no less than 4 days a week.


Oh yes, I do squats and hand weights at home.  I also increase the weight if I find that after the 2nd rep it is too easy.  I then do the final 2 reps with the increase weight.


Thanks for any suggestions.


From what I can tell I think you need to start increasing the intensity of your routines.. I would go 5 days a week with two days off.   3 days weights and cardio and 2 days all cardio.   Instead of walking on an incline start jogging a lot more without the incline.  What may have happened if your body is just use to that routine.  You got to push it to another level now.  Walking is no longer getting you results now you should jog more than you walk.  That is going to be the key.  Take a look at my routines toward that back of my book and do that routine and it should make a difference.


Thinking about Fasting with juice and water

Question:  My weight goes between 210 and 220 my doctor wants me to weigh 140-150 which I would love to do. I'm thinking about juice/water fasting for the month of June to get under 200 again.

Fullbody Home workout routine with dumbbells

hotel1.gifThis workout routine can be done at home with a set of dumbbells, stability ball, and Treadmill.  If you don't have a treadmill go outside or to a nearby track.  

Get my lower body toned

Question: I am  31 yrs old, 5'2" and weigh 123lbs.  My issue is trying to get my lower body toned and muscled to eliminate cellulite due to 10 yrs of pregnancy stretch marks! I don't know where to start! I also have excess fat around the middle from having a "desk job" where I have to sit all day. I don't have issues with overeating or eating the wrong things--I just need to know the correct process of obtaining a well toned body. I'm very coachable!