Male performing a good abdominal exercise. Great abdominal exercises you can do to build a sexy six pack. 

Abdominal Exercises 

Great exercises you can do for your abdominal muscles. These exercises are effective for both men and women regardless of their athletic potential. For the best results, it’s important that you work your upper, lower and obliques muscles. 

Abdominal anatomy 

The abdominal wall can be divided into two separate anatomic parts, each with different functions. The front wall consists of one muscle, the rectus abdominis (also known as the “abs”). This muscle arises from the lower margin of the rib cage and sternum and passes vertically downward to attach on the pubic bone.

Abdominal muscle anatomy chart you can download and print. 

















Download medium abdominal muscles chart (11" by 17")

The two rectus abdominis muscles (one on each side) are encased in a sheath of fascia that forms the central demarcation down the middle of the abs, known as the linea alba. Fascia divisions in the muscles are responsible for the “six pack” appearance. The rectus muscles cause flexion of the trunk, bending the torso forward toward the legs. The motion is carried out b the upper abs which pulls the rib cage down toward the pelvis, or by the lower abs, which lift the pelvis upward toward the chest. 

The side wall consists of three layers of muscles. The external oblique is the outer visible layer that passes obliquely downward from the rib cage to the pelvic bone. The middle layer is the internal oblique that passes obliquely upward from the pelvic bone to the ribs. Internal oblique lies under external oblique, the fibers of the two muscles pass at right angles to one another. The innermost layer is the transversus abdominis, which lies horizontally across the abdominal wall. Contraction of the oblique muscles on one side causes the torso to bend sideways. Contraction of the obliuqes simultaneously on both abdominal wall whenever a weight is lifted. Note that only the outer external oblique is visible.