Good back workouts you can do at home or at the gymGood back workouts you can do. Each workout routine targets specific parts of your back. 

Having a strong back is one of the keys to your overall look and fitness goals. If you back muscles are weak and undeveloped, the rest of your body will suffer as a result. When you are choosing or designing a back routine, make sure you include exercises for each section of your back. Your back consist of your upper, mid and lower back muscles. The latissimus dorsi or “lats” are a large, fan-shaped muscles locate on the back of your torso. The upper back or trapezius better know as traps is the flat triangular muscle that covers the back of the neck. Last but definitely not least is your lower back which includes your erector slinae.




A perfect back workout will target your entire back and work all of the major muscles significantly. To accomplish this, you should use a variety of equipment such as barbell, dumbbells and power machines. A variety of exercises that works the muscles from different angles and resistance levels will strengthen your back perfectly. There are also ways to train your back with bodyweight exercises such as pull ups. 

A good workout also has the following advantages: 

Helps your posture and keeps you from having a hunched back from  your chest pulling your shoulders forward. 

Helps you be stronger in your upper body exercises such as bench press and arm curls. 

Increases your metabolism causing you to burn more calories and losing fat.