Properly training your core is the most essential part of your body to exercise. You core stabilizes your entire body. Core exercises recruit one or more large-muscle areas (abdominal, back, chest shoulder, hip) involve two or more primary joints (multijoint), and are a high priority for health and performance.

Core exercise workout chart you can download and print.


Training your core is important for balance and any sporting activities. Having a strong core also helps prevent all types of injuries that can occur form imbalances. You can train your core with a variety of exercises and equipment. You can use your body weight, barbell, dumbbells, stability balls. Your core muscles are involved in every movement that you can possible do. Not just exercises, but anything as simple as standing or sitting upright. Other benefits include your ability to lift more weight because of a structurally sound body. It takes pressure off your lower back. A Canandian study also shows that you are more likely to live longer if you have stronger abdominal muscles. Core exercise are great for stabilizing your spine. You must have this strength for any type of activity whether it’s sports or just regular daily activities.