Learn the benefits of a good walking planA regular walking program can help you lose weight and reduce your risk to coronary artery disease, although you shouldn't expect any quick results. Research shows a half-hour walk at your target heart rate range can lead to a slow, steady shedding of 16 to 18 pounds per year. 

From the time you take your first steps as a baby until your old age, walking is the mother of all exercises. The foundation of any exercise routines.Walking is not just something you do to get from point a to point b. It was designed to benefit your body in many ways. Many people don’t know how much or how to properly add walking to their routines. Even if you are a weight lifter, runner or athlete you should find time to walk. The biomechanics of walking helps to cure your body, lose fat, build muscle.


  • Decreased risk of injury than with running 
  • Improves poster 
  • Healthy exercise for beginners and seniors as well as advanced 
  • Reduction of symptoms of depression 
  • Brisk walking elevates heart rate 
  • Free require no equipment and you can do it practically anywhere.