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A collection of workout tips for men from us and a variety of experts in the fitness industry.

Picture of trainer giving workout tips for men.


What is muscle endurance

Muscular endurance is the ability of a muscle or group of muscles to sustain repeated contractions against a resistance for an extended period of time. Endurance is important for sports but is helpful in everyday life also. The ability to repeatedly  work without muscle fatigue helps your overall body development.

Protein and Weight Training Will Build Muscle

arms-and-abs.gifHave you asked yourself the question, how to gain weight? By now you are probably aware that protein provides the foundation for building muscle. But don’t think for a second that consuming protein on its own will help you gain weight in the form of lean muscle mass. There is only so much protein your body will use and you need a weight training program in place to gain significant size.

MMA Gear Helps The Average Person Train Like A Fighter

punchbag.jpgFor anyone who's familiar with mixed martial arts, it's impossible to ignore the tip-top, if not perfect, form of MMA fighters. Just like in any physical activity, these bodies weren't made over night. In fact, it takes months and years of rigorous workouts for most fighters to build up their bodies to take on the physical nature of the sport. Yet, the proper conditioning which utilizes proper MMA training equipment can help even the most average person train like the best MMA fighters.

Most MMA fighters train their entire body during each workout session. The training exercises focus on developing strength and stamina while simultaneously challenging the mental toughness of the fighter.  Therefore, common MMA workout routines usually involve different stations that mix in cardio sprints, bench dips, multiple sets of jumping jacks, and weighted pull-ups. Ultimately, these types of exercises will help them develop the proper physical and mental fitness to get in the ring and fight while enduring repetitive physical pain.

As most athletes are aware, you don't have to be in a real match to get injured.  The same precautions taken during an actual match should be applied during a training routine to reduce the risk of injury.  A proper workout routine should involve the use of quality MMA gear, such as MMA training gloves, which help cut down on the force that is put on the hands - a major stress area where impact is inevitable and risk of injury is high. By using the right equipment and protecting the body from possible injuries, the intensity of the MMA workout can make an average person look and feel like an MMA fighter.