Exercise and Workouts

Petite women doing a good workout routine.Exercises and Routines you can perform to achieve the slim and sexy look.

great ab workout

Try this great ab workout routine to flatten your stomach. The key to this workout is combining cardiovascular and crunches. Good eating habits are essential if you want success with this workout. Make sure you warm up for 5-10 minutes before beginning this workout and that you stretch each muscle group properly as directed. Maintain your pace throughout the entire workout with about 30 seconds rest in between sets.

Home weight lifting workout routine for beginners


girl.gifDownload this sample home weight lifting workout routine for beginners. This routine will introduce you to working out with weights to tone your body.

NOTE: This file is in PDF format and you must have Adobe Reader to download.


Workout to look like Eva Longoria


Do you want a body like Eva Longoria, Jessica Alba, or Joy Bryant?If you have a slim frame then you have the body type to achieve a body just like these petite movie stars.  All of these women are very slim but look healthy with great muscle tone.Rarely do stars share their workout routines to the public. You are in luck because Makeoverfitness knows what it takes and willing to share those fitness secrets with you.

Swimsuit Abs at home

petite.gifIf you would like to tone your abs in the comfort of your own home try this fat burning routine.  This workout also consist of cardio exercises, which is key to having flat abs

How to plan an exercise routine


How to plan an exercise routine 

A good exercise program is a combination of cardiovascular and weightlifting exercises.  Your weightlifting should consist of seven to twelve exercises.  Make sure to balance your workout to include all muscle groups.  For the best results, perform a few exercises for each muscle group. 

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