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Body mass index chart you can download and print.
There are several methods for measuring your bmi weight.

Body Mass Index is a measure of overweight examining the relationship of height to weight. The BMI is calculated by dividing the weight in pounds by the square of the height in inches and multiplying the result by 705. A desirable Body Mass Index lies between 18.5-24.9. A BMI of 25-29.9 is considered overweight and 30 or more is a predictor of obesity.

It is important to note that using scales or the Body Mass Index as indicators of obesity has a serious limitation. Neither method is useful as a predictor of obesity in muscular populations such as football players, body building, or weight lifters. They are useful, however, in normal, non-athletic groups. Also, the BMI is best suited for describing obesity in populations rather than individuals because of significant measurement variability. 

Download BMI Chart medium sized (17" by 11")

BMI Calculator

Image of a good bmi calculator. BMI method of measurement is similar to the waist-to-hip ratio in that it provide preliminary, yet important wellness information and can be performed privately and with confidentiality. Below is a handy BMI chart calculator that you can quickly use.

BMI Chart for Men

This BMI chart for men will give you an idea of what is considered healthy considering your height and weight. Although a BMI Chart is helpful it can be inaccurate based on your body type. If you are an athlete, you will tend to carry more muscle than the average man. A man 5 foot 10 inches can be 195 and be healthy.

BMI Chart for Women


Chart to measure bmi for women

This BMI chart for women gives you an idea of what is considered healthy by considering your height and weight. Although a BMI Chart is helpful, it can be inaccurate based on your body type. Some women carry muscle weight in their hips, upper body and thighs. This chart is only an rough estimate.

Bmi Guidelines

The bmi guildlines is a simple ratio of height to weight to estimate body composition. It is calculated by dividing body weight (in kilograms) by body height (in meters) squared (weight/height).


How to calculate your BMI from Makeoverfitness LLC.

Because BMI does not take into account % body fat, it may not be an accurate predictor for lean, athletic individuals. 

BMI Health Range
18.5-24.9 Desirable range
25-29.9 Overweight
30-40 Obese
40 and over Morbid obesity

Ideal Body Fat

The ideal body fat chart illustrates body fat percentages for men or women. The minimal fat needed to maintain a healthy body is 2-5% for men and 6-10% for women. If you are athletic, your body fat may be 6-13% for men and 14-20% for women. A fit individual body fat measures between 14-17% for men and 21-24% for women. The average person body fat is 18-24% for men and 25-31% for women. Obesity is considered to be 25 percent or higher for men and 32 percent or higher for women.

What is considered obese

Obesity is related to an excessive enlargement of the body’s fat cells. Although measuring body fat is difficult and somewhat imprecise, it is generally accepted that, if an adult male is 25% body fat, he is obese. If an adult female is more than 30% body fat, she is considered obese. Although total body weight does not distinguish fat from lean tissue, total weight is an indicator of obesity. Overweight is often estimated by evaluating height/weight charts that have been established by life insurance companies. If an individual weighs more than 20% above the highest estimate in a height/weight table, he or she is considered to be moderately obese.