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Fitness Handouts for Health Fairs

Fitness e-book with great handouts to help your employees get in shape for better work production.

How to use this e-book:

1. Just click the image below to download your handouts. 

NOTE: If it doesn't open properly, make sure your pop up blocker is off. 

2. Print and enjoy. 


Fitness handouts for health fairs e-book.

Health Fair Fitness Handouts (Pdf format)

Fitness Guide to Stay Fit While Traveling

Download this quick reference e-book to help you stay fit while on business or vacation.

Fitness Guide for Traveling

Get your Traveling fitness Guide (Pdf format)


Exercise Handouts

Here are a list of exercise handouts that will help your team reach their fitness goals. Each handout can be downloaded in word format so you are able to make any necessary changes if needed.


Exercise Log Sheets
Exercise Tips

Running log sheet

Weight Training Journal

Exercise and Diet Log Sheet

Walking Log Sheets