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20 minute cardio workout you can download and print.Cardio workouts you can do at the gym. 

This section features great workout routines you can do at most gyms for men and women. Doing you workout plan at a gym is great for individuals who need equipment, motivation and experts nearby. Having access to unlimited equipment gives you the opportunity to build a variety of workout plans. It may be hard for you to fit an elliptical machine in your home. Also, you will have access to expensive treadmills and other machines that the average person may not be able to afford. Doing your workout at a fitness club also gives you a workout environment that should help to motivate you. The smells, sounds and looks of a facility subconsciously may help you push out that extra rep.  Designing your routines for the gym is also great because you have access to help from experts. Any gym worth the membership fee should have at least a few people on staff that can help you. They should be able to show you correct techniques and give you tips on how to reach your specific goals.   

Doing your workout routines at a gym is easier than in the past. Gyms are popping up everywhere throughout the world. In most places, you should be able to find a facility within a few miles of where you live. Increase competition has also made membership fees less expensive. Some gyms only charge $10 a month with little or no sign up fees. Working out has also become more convenient with many companies offering 24-hour access. Gym workouts give you the opportunity to create an unlimited number of workout routines to get that beach ready body. 

List of cardio equipment may Gyms offer 

Here is a list of great cardiovascular equipment gyms offer that may be difficult to purchase or fit into your home. 

  • Treadmill with multiple settings
  • Elliptical Machines
  • Upright Bicycle
  • Recumbent Bicycle
  • Rowing Machine
  • Stair stepper
  • Variety of Aerobic Classes
  • Indoor Track
  • Basketball Court 










Interval Training Treadmill Workout

30 minute interval treadmill workout you can download and print.Description: Interval training is a great way to burn fat while you increase your endurance. By gradually increasing your intensity level, you can reach goals you never thought you could without pushing yourself too hard. The key to try to improve every time by going a little further or faster. Here is a treadmill workout using the interval training technique.

Good Cardio Workout for Women

Description: Trying to lose a few pounds and tighten up your body? If the answer is yes, here is a good cardio workout for women. This workout features the stationary bike, elliptical machine, stair stepper and the treadmill. The workout is designed for 40 minutes.