Personal Trainer Forms

     This section contains personal trainer forms you can download and print for your clients. 

     Each form is in pdf or Microsoft Word format so you can make changes to the language and print to fit your exercise program.


It is important for all fitness professionals to use the proper waivers, questionnaires, assessments, and/or legal documents.

Each form is only a sample of what you may want to use at your gym or training facility. Make sure your client understand and sign the proper waiver forms to protect you and your client from difficult circumstances.

This section also has... 

Questionnaires and assessment forms

to help you decide what type of program your client should start. As an effective fitness professional, you should make sure you have the proper tools to give your client the best results in a safe legal environment.  

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“No form which is contained on this website should be adopted or utilized by any fitness professional without individualized legal advice. Since programs vary and since the law varies from state to state such documents need to be drafted by individually retained legal counsel. Individualized legal advice in this regard is absolutely necessary”