About Us

Makeoverfitness LLC was founded in 2006 by Fitness Professional, Clinton Walker III. The company's primary goal is to teach individuals the truth about health and wellness while saving time and money. We accomplish this goal by offering services such as: Free online consultations, e-books, and video demonstrations to guide you to a better body.  

Individuals are spending billions of dollars on diet and fitness products, yet the Center for Disease Control reports that over 70 percent of the adult population is overweight; a percentage that continues to climb. These statistics clearly show that individuals are spending more with decreased results. This fact is due to the large amounts of money being wasted on gimmick products.

This company understands that communication with a professional is the best way to reach your fitness goals. It is important to analyze your age, height, weight, eating habits, goals, and health issues before recommending workout or meal plans.

Our goal is not only to teach practical instructions; but enchorage questions and comments so we can take your unique circumstances into account. This approach helps you get get better results. 


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