Free Weights vs Machines

There had been debates for year about which resistance training is best for your body. Each training method has advantages and disadvantages. The answer depends on your goals, budget and access to a good gym. In most cases it is best to use a combination of both kind of equipment.

Free Weights vs Machines



simple, easy to use, relatively inexpensive

required balnce resulting in better coordination and greater muscle utilization

provides for greater variability

easy to maintain, take up very little space

exercises resemble real-life movements

safe, easy to use

good for beginners because less balance is required

productivity in a short amount of time

requires less supervision

ideal for circuit training


requires strength to maintain balance and coordination

accidents are more likely to happen

spotters are required

complete workouts may take up more time

inability to train through full range of motion in many exercises

poor matching of resistance of strength curve

lack of development of balance and coordination

contrained movement patterns

machines are expensive

machines take up a lot of space



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