When should you switch up your workout routine?

When should I switch up my routine? This is a very common question many individual ask in their quest to become fit. The frequency that you change your routine largely depends on your goals.

One common mistake many make is switching their routines too early in the process. You must allow your body time to adjust and improve before moving on. Once you feel that you have mastered a good routine and seeing decreased results after months then it’s time to switch or add variations to the exercises.

You may add several variations without completely alterating your routine. Although variation is important to success, it is important to stick to the basic exercises. For example: If you want to build a nice chest, performing Flat barbell bench press is usually going to be your base exercise. Without omitting the exercise you may try drop sets or change the number of reps.

If you feel yourself hitting a plateau maybe it is time to switch up your routine. Make sure you have first mastered your first routine. Also you may want to alternate or smaller muscles. Switching your routine is great, but you must make sure its not too often. Making small changes to keep the body guessing while sticking with the basics.

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