suggested fat intake

Having a suggested fat intake chart handy may help you understand how much fat is too much. Fat is essential for your body to function properly. Fat adds flavor to food, and is an important component of a healthy diet. Fat is necessary for energy production, transporting fat soluble vitamins, protection of internal organs, insulation, healthy skin, and hair.

Although fat is good for the body, people consume almost twice as much fat as the human body is designed to handle. In addition, individuals also are consuming the wrong kinds of fat frequently. According to studies, 36 to 45 percent of total daily calories often come from fat.

Only 25 to 30 percent of your calorie intake should come from fat. Of that percentage, only 10 percent should come from saturated fats such as butter, whole milk, and dairy products. The remaining fat should come from unsaturated fats such as olive oils, and omega 3 oils that comes from fish.

Fat in take calculator

Fat Intake Calculator

*Please enter weight
*Please enter weight between 15kg and 635kg
*Please enter correct age between 18 and 120

Calories:  2434 Kcal/day

Total fat intake - 20-35%
energy: 54 - 95 grams (487 - 852 kcal)
Saturated fats - maximum 10% energy:
Less than 27 grams (243 kcal) - the less the better!

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