Three Simple Ways to Torch Fat Without Stepping One Foot In the Gym

If you are trying to accelerate your weight loss and get rid of pesky pounds... Three simple changes will jump start your weight loss and burn fat like a blast furnace.  


1. Drink Water Instead of Juices and Sodas 


Substituting juices and sodas for water saves you hundreds of calories per day. Saving calories daily helps you lose pounds easier throughout the week. You will almost immediately start seeing the difference when you drink more water.  

Why you should drink more water: Just one can of coke has 300 calories... If you drink 2 or 3 of them a day…That’s 900 calories of wasted unhealthy calories. 

If you are not a fan of water... You can flavor it with lemon or a tasty flavor packet. 

To make sure you drink enough water try to carry a Good Water Bottle so you can drink throughout the day.  


2. Walk Daily at Least 20 Minutes at Least 4 times a Week


According to Harvard studies, just 15 minutes of walking is effective enough for losing weight. If you can walk longer or jog that’s even more calories burned. 

You can even make walking fun by tracking your steps with an app or other devices. You can challenge yourself, compete against others or even post your accomplishments on Facebook to inspire you.


3. Avoid Fast Food Restaurants and Fried Foods  


Just one week of eating baked instead of fried foods and limiting your trips to Mcdonald's will make a huge difference on the scale and inches on your body.   

If you know what you are eating…it makes it easier to choose the right foods. The reference guide Eat This, Not That! shows you tasty substitutes for your favorite foods.


Following these simple tips will allow you to pull your belt to the next loop or help you drop a couple of sizes in your waist.  

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