Ab Crunch Obliques Advanced

Target Muscles: Abdominal Obliques

Equipment: Bench or something to prop your legs on

Preparation: Lie supine (on your back) on floor or bench with knees and hips bent. One leg should be on top and across the opposite knee as pictured. Rest hands behind the back of your neck as pictured.


Breathing:  Breath out on the contraction upward and breath back in on the way back down to the start position.

Execution:  Flex and twist your body upwards towards your opposite knee while trying to touch your elbow to your opposite knee. Focus on squeezing your oblique or abdominal muscles as you move towards your knee.

Comments: Make sure you keep your neck relaxed during the entire movement and do not pull on your neck with your hands. Focus on your side mid section of your body and the contraction.

Oblique Crunch Video:  Male    Female


Illustration of twist crunches from the starting position. Illustration of twist crunches from the finish position.

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