Printable Running Log Sheets

Download and print this running log sheet to track your mileage the old-fashion way. This particular log sheet tracks your distance, time, and total time for two weeks at a time. Just click one of the links below to get this form in pdf or word format. 


Printable running log sheet you can download in pdf. or word format.

 Download running log sheet in (Pdf Format)

Running Log Journal (Amazon)


How to use this log sheet

Start by writing the date in the far left column and first row. Next, write down the type of route you took-it could be either walking a trail or on a treadmill. In the “Time” section, note how long your aerobic session lasted. In the “Distance” section, note far you went in whatever measurement fits your needs-for instance, “1.2 miles”.

At the bottom of the log, you may want to not the weather conditions, including the wind and temperature, because you work harder when it’s raining or hot. Describe the course you covered (was it hilly or flat?); who you worked out with (“Marge talks too much”); and how you felt before, during, and after your workout. All of these notes may help you trace the root of training problems that crop up.