Printable Strength Training Log Sheet

Download and print our strength training log to track your results. This log sheet tracks how many pounds you are lifting, the amount of reps, and the number sets you have completed. You can use it in a binder, upload it to your Google docs or save it directly to your computer.  


Printable Strength training log sheet

  Strength Training Log (Pdf Format) 

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How to use the strength training log

Write down the name of each exercise the amount of weight you lifted, and the number of sets you did. If you don’t know the name of an exercise, make it a point to find out. Writing down “bicep curl” will reinforce the idea that this exercise strengthens your biceps.

You may also want to note what changes you need to make during your next weight-lifting session. Let’s say you used 50 pounds o the leg press machine and had a pretty easy time of it. Write down in your diary that next time you want to try 60 pounds. Also note which exercises are particularly easy, and which need more attention.