Workouts for Men: Buff and lean without Steroids!!

Get Buff and lean without Steroids! Here are some great workouts you can do at home or at the gym. If you are skinny and want to add some muscle, check out Bony to Brawny - Muscle Building for Skinny Guys. This program gives you specific workouts and diet tips to help you get ripped and lean.

Picture of how good workouts for men can make you look.



Bonus: Click here if you need help with your workout routine to get lean and ripped.




A collection of workouts for men who want to get big without steroids. These routines will add significant mass to your frame.

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We also recommend the 101 Workouts to Build Muscle book. It provides you with a bible of great workouts. 

Workout routines for men looking to get ripped and lean.


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Tips on how to eat to achieve your goals. Whether you are trying to gain mass, or get ripped and lean for the summer, we will help guide you in the right direction.

Picture of a meal to help men gain muscle and get ripped.