Workout to look like Eva Longoria


Do you want a body like Eva Longoria, Jessica Alba, or Joy Bryant?If you have a slim frame then you have the body type to achieve a body just like these petite movie stars.  All of these women are very slim but look healthy with great muscle tone.Rarely do stars share their workout routines to the public. You are in luck because Makeoverfitness knows what it takes and willing to share those fitness secrets with you.

You can earn the body of a star without having the money.You must be willing to exercise and diet similar to these stars.It does not matter how much money a celebrity has, they can’t pay for an individual to perform the exercises for them.They can afford expensive personal trainers and chefs which is a slight advantage.

The average person can afford a regular trainer and a trip to the grocery store to choose the right foods.You don’t have to pay $1000 a month to join an exclusive gym and drink 75 dollar bottled water.A 20 dollar a month gym and a 4 dollar pack of Wal-Mart brand water works the exact same.

Exercise Tips to get a body like Eva

Lift Weights:  To make those calves pop and those thighs look toned and sexy, weightlifting is a must.  Train every part of your body with light weights and high reps.

Do Cardiovascular Exercises:  You must make a habit of jogging and performing other cardiovascular exercises.  It is the key to those six pack abs the stars are sporting in the magazines.

Eat Healthy:  You must eat balanced meals thoughout the day.  Eat enough by following basic diet 101 tips

Four to Five to get the body 3 to 4 to maintain:  You can't workout 3 days a week and look like Eva if you don't have her body now.  Once you reach your goal then you can possibly maintain with three days a week.

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