Illustration of chest exercise using eccentric or negative training.Workout routines that feature the eccentric training technique. Similar to forced repetitions, this type of training emphasizes the "negative" or eccentric phase of the contraction. 

What are negatives? 

Eccentric training or negatives is an advanced weightlifting technique that helps you move past strength or endurance plateaus. Someone assist you to lift the weight usually at a slightly faster pace. After that, you slowly lower the weight and repeat. Since you can handle more weight lowering (eccentric phase) than lifting (concentric phase), you can increase your max. This technique causes significant soreness and is not for beginners.


Some of the best exercises to use negatives are: Bench press, Leg Extensions and leg curls. 

There are some other great exercises you can use negative training. 

Bench Press: Use a spotter to help you lift the bar off the rack. Slowly lower the bar to your chest and let the spotter lift the bar up and repeat. Do this until fatigue. You can also use a bench press machine to make this exercise safer.   

Leg Press: Use a spotter to help you push the sled up. Slowly lower the weight until your legs are at a 90% angle or at the eccentric phase. At this point ask your spotter to quickly move the weight back to the starting position and repeat. 

Negative Dips: Use your muscle power to lower yourself then jump up to the start after every repetition. if you can’t push yourself back up, do only the downward part of this exercise Lower yourself slowly, taking about five slow counts to complete the movement. 

Negative Push-up: Just do the lowering phase of this exercise. Slow the movement down and try to lower yourself in five counts.  

Benefits of Eccentric Training

Build muscle mass 

Increase strength 



chest workout using eccentric training technique

This workout is designed to perform with a spotter. During the concentric phase (as you push the weight up), your spotter will assist you. The spotter when then allow you to lower the weight slowly on your own.