Crunches alone are not enough to sculpt six pack abdominals

abs2.gifIf your goal is to flatten your stomach for the summer, you must do more than crunches. Developing a six pack requires a combination of proper eating and cardiovascular exercises. Crunches alone will not effectively remove the layer a fat covering your abs.

Thirty percent of your daily calories intake should come from fat. If you are consuming excess fat, losing around your midsection will be difficult. Cut fat calories by baking instead of frying foods. You can also shed fat by replacing cakes, candies and cookies with fruits and vegetables.

Along with eating healthy, a good exercise routine is vital to sculpting a six pack. You should exercise to burn fat while building lean muscle. A combination of cardiovascular and lightweight lifting exercises will accomplish this goal. Instead of doing 200 sit-ups on the floor, jog a mile on the treadmill followed by dumbbell exercises. You will see results faster because you are burning fat and building muscle simultaneously.

Crunches alone will not flatten your stomach. To mold a set of beach body abdominals, you must eat properly and complete good exercise routines that include cardiovascular exercises. A few months of the right combination will turn heads at the beach.


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