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Simple Exercises to Reduce Weight

scale.gifDid you know that there are a host of simple exercises that can help you lose weight quick and easy? You don't need to invest in any costly fitness accessory or make any major changes to your diet plan! Let's look at a few of these exercises:

Crunches alone are not enough to sculpt six pack abdominals

abs2.gifIf your goal is to flatten your stomach for the summer, you must do more than crunches. Developing a six pack requires a combination of proper eating and cardiovascular exercises. Crunches alone will not effectively remove the layer a fat covering your abs.

Weight Loss: Your Way

Weight Loss - YOUR Way!
Choose the weight loss, diet or fitness program that's right for your personality.

Exercises for women

We are all searching for the best weight loss products and methods. Sometimes instead of choosing healthy ways to lose weight we tend to rely on the help of diet pills, weight loss supplements and fat burners, harming not only our skin but our vital organs too. We tend to forget about the easiest, quickest and most effective weight loss and muscle gain methods while taking diet pills. Instead of fat burners and starvation the best thing we can do to get a perfect and well toned body is following fitness exercises and developing a healthy diet plan.

Should I strip my fat before i bulk up?

You can lose fat while bulking up with the proper diet and exercise routine.  You must understand the scale is not always the best measure of progress.  If you are trying to bulk up and lose fat at the same time you should measure success by your body fat percentage.  If you combine the right about of cardiovascular exercises, weightlifting and dieting you can lose fat and bulk up simoustaneously. 

For example: Adam weighs 185 pounds in which 20.7% is body fat.  Adam can lose 10 pounds of muscle while gaining 10 pounds of muscle.   On the scale he may weight the same but he would look bulkier and cut.  So don’t waste valuable time striping all of the fat first when you can do it together.  After this process you can continue to get bigger but it will be all muscle once you get to the fat percentage you desire.