Simple Exercises to Reduce Weight

scale.gifDid you know that there are a host of simple exercises that can help you lose weight quick and easy? You don't need to invest in any costly fitness accessory or make any major changes to your diet plan! Let's look at a few of these exercises:

Skipping: Best done on empty stomach early in the mornings, skipping can single handedly help you burn a whole lot of calories. You can drink a glass of water before you start to skip. Start with 50 skips and then move on to 100 and then 200 skips without a break. Make sure not to jump too high.

If you don't have ropes at the moment, don't worry. You can skip without ropes as long as you are able to emulate the action.

Jogging: Jogging is fun and can be followed after the skipping regime. If you cannot jog, try walking fast. Take a bottle of fresh juice along with you and take a sip along the way. This will keep you hydrated.

Breathing: Follow jogging with conscious deep breathing. This is great to improve your metabolism. Sit comfortably on the floor and inhale deeply, hold the breath for a few seconds before exhaling.

Yoga: Yoga is not all that complex as it is made out to be. There are some really simple yoga exercises that you can learn from the internet. 3 to 4 poses on a daily basis should do great to improve your overall metabolism.

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