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Get Fit with Zumba Dance

Summertime is here and you still may want to shed a few more pounds before going to your annual Fourth of July party.  One of the hardest obstacles when finding the right workout routine is finding an activity that is fun for you.  There are many gym classes that you can go to or workout videos to purchase which will help to enhance your fitness level greatly, but you may not want to suffer to get the body you want.  Going to the gym and wandering around a variety of workout machines or peddling on a bike that goes nowhere for 45 minutes may seem too tedious and boring.  If you are not interested in your workout, you won't last a month at the gym.  So what do you do?


Why Should You Get Involved With Zumba


One of the best fitness routines for every fitness level is Zumba Dance.  Zumba is cardio workout that fuses different Latin dances steps and beats with other cardio moves to give you an excellent workout.  Zumba will not only enhance your lung capacity but it will also shed those pesky pounds.  When you walk into the studio and start listening to the beats, you will instantly want to start moving your body.  You will quickly realize how fun Zumba is and why it is a workout that you can stick to and increase your fitness level.  The class will essentially consist of about 8 to 12 different dance routines which will make up a class of 45 minutes to an hour.


Your fitness is important.  If you are looking for a way to loose fat or to just keep up your fitness level, a Zumba class will certainly meet your fitness goals.  The best part is that you will barely realize that you are actually working out which many people love.  Many people hate the burning feeling of their muscles while they work out but love to wake up with achy muscles to prove that they did a good job while at the gym the previous day.  You will feel the sweat and you will burn those calories, but it is not a class where you feel like you have to suffer just to survive the hour.  Enjoy your workout with a Zumba routine.


What are the Long Term Benefits of Becoming A Zumba Dancer?


There are many benefits that come as a result of being a dedicated zumba dancer.  You will achieve more air capacity in your lungs.  You will notice that if you do take a spinning class or go out for a run, you will have more air which will help you to resist the workout better then tiring out after 12 minutes.  There are many different Zumba routines and each is created with a specific goal.  The ranging intervals of intensity create excellent resistance exercises.  You will burn tons of calories which will reduce your overall body fat.  You will also notice a tremendous change in your body as Zumba Dance works to tone and sculpt the body, specifically targeting the calf muscles, hamstrings, quadriceps, gluts, back and abdominals.


Energize Your Step


An important part of fitness is increasing your energy level.  When you do not have a fitness routine that you are really excited about, then it is hard to keep coming to class.  With Zumba Dance you will instantly feel the energy of the class and you will hold onto that energy throughout the day.  This energy factor is one of the greatest differences between Zumba and any other aerobics class.  There are many workouts to choose from but a Zumba dance will work out your entire body and energize it.  If you want to feel great about yourself all day long, then check out a local Zumba class. 


Where to Find a Zumba Class?


Zumba is immensely popular.  Finding a Zumba dance class can be fairly easy since it is taught in 105 countries in over 60,000 sites.  Can't find a class near you?  This is not a problem since you can purchase a Zumba class DVD and take the workout home with you.  There are dozens of Zumba titles that you can choose from.  Many people may still be uncomfortable heading into the gym, so being able to purchase a Zumba DVD allows you to workout in the comfort of your home whenever you want.  If you have children and an incredibly hectic schedule, you should not miss out on this workout just because you cannot find a class that fits your schedule.  If you are interested in this incredibly enticing and fun fitness workout then there are no more excuses to get your booty moving to these rhythmic beats.


Who Can We Thank for Zumba?


Zumba came to be by way of the celebrity fitness trainer Beto Perez.  A native of Cali, Colombia, Beto fused his native Latin roots with aerobics.  However, this stroke of genius came as a result of forgetting his aerobics music.  With just a few seconds to think with a class full of eager aerobics students he popped in one of his tapes full of meringue and salsa songs.  The class was improvised to match the Latin beats and as a result came up with this revolutionary workout routine.  It is no surprise that this improvised and stumbled upon aerobics routine became the most popular class at his studio.


Zumba is an international dance aerobic routine that will you will instantly fall in love with.  If you are trying to find an exercise routine that you can have fun with but truly work on your fitness then Zumba is right for you.  You will not have to workout with weights to tone your body.  You do not have to be a specific size or shape to withstand the class.  No matter your height, weight, sex or age, Zumba is open to everyone and of all fitness levels.  And if you can't dance, it doesn't matter, you can still have a great workout as long as you get comfortable and move your body.


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How to Stick with your Exercise and Diet Plan

Staying motivated to workout and eat healthy is a tough task for many. Fortunately, there are effective ways to keep yourself motivated.  Posting your results on forums, hiring a personal trainer, or joining a support group can aide your progress.  The key to success is understanding that you are ultimately responsible for your results. 

Posting your results on a forum is free and can be effective.  Find an active weight loss or fitness forum and post your daily activities.  It is best if you post what you consumed and your exercise routine.  When you allow others to see what you are doing, it may motivate you to work harder.

Hiring a personal trainer to motivate you is an excellent way to reach your goals. A good trainer will allow you to have accountability and push you to your limits without injury. Many people are not great at disciplining themselves in the gym or at the dinner table. A trainer will help guide and encourage you and lead you to positive results.  The key is to listen and take advice from your trainer.

Join a support group on or offline is a great way to stay motivated.  Having access to others who share the same problems is important. Testimonies from individuals that lost weight will give confidence and inspire you to continue.  

Finding ways to stay motivated can be difficult.  Asking and receiving assistance from others is a great way to stay motivated. Regardless of who helps or how great your trainer is, it is ultimately up to you to stay motivated.