Fitness Assessment

     If you need some tips, charts, printouts and videos on how to perform fitness assessments... this section is for you.

     Before starting your program, you should administer a complete fitness assessment.

     Testing your clients fitness levels gives you important details on the type of exercise routines or diet plan you should start.

     A series of test gives you a complete profile of your overall fitness needs.

Fitness assessment infographic that you can download and print.


Evaluation Criteria Includes: 

  • Monitoring your Heart Rate 
  • Blood Pressure Measurements 
  • Measuring Muscle Strength and Endurance 
  • Body Fat Percentage measurements 
  • Fitness Levels of Heart and Lung 
  • Flexibility Measurements 

Although you can perform these tests yourself, it’s best to have a professional perform the assessments.

Using an expert with the proper equipment will help you get more accurate results.

A good fitness analysis gives you a blueprint on what type of programs you should implement for your body.