Printable Bench Press Chart

Here's a bench press chart to estimate your maximum bench press without hurting yourself. You can keep your results in a weight training log to help increase your gains. 

Printable bench press chart for men and women

Download bench press chart(Word Format)

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Here's how to use this chart:

1. Choose a weight from the far left column.

2. Once you find a weight you want to use, chose how many reps you can perform from the top row.

3. The box where the two numbers intersect is your estimated one rep max.


How this bench press chart helps you? 

A bench press chart helps you reach your goal without risking injury.You can lift a lighter weight for reps and estimate what your one rep max will be. For example, if you can bench press 135 pounds a maximum of 10 times, your estimated one-rep max is 176 pounds. You may also estimate how many reps you can do a lighter weight by finding your 1 max rep and using the chart to find how many times you can do a certain weight.