30 minute treadmill workout


This 30 minutes treadmill workout will give you great results if done correctly. Your goal is to build endurance. Eventually you will be able to jog most or the entire 30 minutes nonstop.  Every workout you should challenge yourself to jog longer distances. You will burn more calories jogging than walking.


1.)  Warm up for 1 minute walking briskly.

2.)  After 1 minute, jog until you are to you are fatigued.

3.)  Walk briskly for 1 minute to recover.

4.)   After 1 minute, continue jogging.

5.)  Repeat this sequence until you complete 30 minutes.

Note: Make sure you adjust the treadmill speed high enough to force you to jog. 3.0mph is not considered jogging.

Record your treadmill results on our log sheet. Every workout you should try to jog longer distances.


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