Printable Cardio Workouts

Printable cardio workouts you can do at home or at the gym. All cardio routines are in pdf format.

Good 20 Minute Cardio Workout

If you are short on time try this 20 minute cardio workout. This workout contains two exercises that will give you an intense workout in a short time. First you will use a stationary bike followed by the treadmill.

1. Stationary Bike

Time: 5 minutes


1.)  Warm up for 1 minute riding at 50 rpms at level 1.

2.)  After 1 minute, speed up to 65 rpms at level 3.

3.)  Ride 2 minutes at 75 rpms at level 4

4.)   Ride 1 minute at 55 rpms at level 1

2. Treadmill


1.)  Warm up for 1 minute walking briskly.

2.)  After 1 minute, jog at 5.5mph for 5 minutes.

3.)  Walk briskly for 1 minute to recover.

4.)   After 1 minute, jog the remainder of the 1 minutes at 5.5mph.

good elliptical workout

Here is a good elliptical workout for 30 minutes with the following program
5 minutes of moderate paced warm up
Alternating High/Moderate pace starting at the 5 minute mark
30 seconds high
90 seconds moderate
30 seconds high
90 seconds moderate
Repeat til you hit the 25 minute mark

Complete the routine at 5 minutes of moderate pace til you reach the 30 minute mark.

30 minute treadmill workout


This 30 minutes treadmill workout will give you great results if done correctly. Your goal is to build endurance. Eventually you will be able to jog most or the entire 30 minutes nonstop.  Every workout you should challenge yourself to jog longer distances. You will burn more calories jogging than walking.