Ball Back-of-Thigh Toner Intermediate

Primary Muscle Group: Gluteus Maximus

Muscle Groups Worked in This Exercise: Gluteus Maximus, Semitendinosus, Biceps femoris- long and short heads, and Semimembranosus

Preparation: While holding the ball with your arms extended at chest level, shift your body weight to your right foot. Extend your left foot behind you, bend forward and place the ball against the floor. Remember to keep your abs engaged.

Breathing: Exhale as you raise your leg and inhale as you lower it to the floor.

Execution: As you raise your left leg, exhale and inhale as you lower it back towards the floor. Here's the change: simply bend your rear leg and lift your foot towards the ceiling on each repetition. Switch legs after finishing all reps.

Comments: See that little bulge from the bottom of your swimsuit disappear?

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