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Exercise Activity Logs

Printable exercise activity logs you can download and print in several sizes.

Exercise activity log sheet you can download and print up to 11 by 8 inches.




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Resistance and Cardio Training Log

Printable log sheet template you can download and print for free. This template has a space to record your resistance and cardiovascular training exercises.

Cardio and resistance training log sheet you can print for free.

Download Resistance and Cardio Training Log in word format (11" by 8.5")


Printable Exercise Activity Log Sheet

This printable activity log provides space for you to record your fitness activities in three categories (aerobic fitness, muscular fitness, and flexibility).  At the bottom of the log, there is a space to write your weekly summary as well as your goals for the upcoming week.

Printable exercise activity log sheet up to 11 by 8.5 inches.

Keeping track of your activities allows you to look back over the previous month. Reflecting gives you a chance to plan and make improvements in your workout program. Putting your goals and activities on paper helps you to create a better plan that is right for you.

You may download this activity chart in three sizes:

11 by 8.5 inches or the larger 17 by 11 inches.