These 3 Super Simple Tips Could Finally End Your Weight Struggles Almost Immediately


From: Clinton Walker III 

Dear Friend,

Are you struggling to lose weight, even though you’re trying your best?

Maybe you’ve already lost 5, 10, 20 or even 50 or more pounds… But your results are slowing down or stopped completely.

You’re not alone. Weightloss struggles are common with just about anyone that didn’t win the genetic lottery.

But there’s good news!  

Today, I’m revealing 3 basic tips to help you finally get past that sticking point. Weightloss tips without the technical talk…


I understand you want to lose weight… not attend a lecture.

My name is Clinton Walker III. I’ve trained and advised hundreds of people like you for over 18 years.

I've discovered over the years… These 3 basic tips solve 90% of weight problems with most people… almost immediately…

So here are the tips… 


1. Make Your Routine More Challenging


When I say challenging... I don’t mean train like an Olympic athlete.

Just do a workout that pushes your body slightly past its comfort zone.

Here’s why:

Once your body is use to the same routine, it stops responding. So you have to keep gradually pushing yourself.

A few Examples of gradually pushing yourself:

  • Let’s say you’re walking at 3.0 mph (miles per hour) on the treadmill at the gym. During your next workout, try speeding up to 3.2 mph. The next workout after that, try 3.4 mph.
  • If you’re doing 10 barbell curls; increase it to 12 curls next time.
  • If you’re resting 1 minute between sets, try just 45 seconds next time.

You see… increasing your treadmill speed, adding reps and shortening your rest between sets increases your workout intensity… And… Higher intensity equals better results.

You can use this technique with any exercise…

The amount of time you workout is also extremely important.

A good workout routine last at least 30 minutes (45 minutes to 1 hour is best).

Just remember, even the best routine won’t help you lose weight if you don’t follow the next tip…


2. Know What You’re Eating


Knowing the nutritional values of what you’re eating is the key to losing weight…

The nutritional values are everything you see on a food label such as:

  • Serving size
  • Calories
  • Fat Grams
  • Etc…

Just a basic understanding of how to read a food label will make push you past the weight you’ve been stuck at.

 Never guess how many calories you’re eating. Know for sure! It’s easy to find out by reading the nutrition labels or check online.

Regardless of what you decide to eat…

Log everything you eat or drink in a journal. This tip may seem tedious, but scientific studies show keeping a food journal helps you make wiser eating choices.  

Once you start paying more attention to what you’re eating, you’ll make better choices.

Now that you have your eating and workout under control… This last tip will help you close the deal.


3. Follow Tip 1 and Tip 2


To get results you must eat right and exercise at the same time.

Just exercising alone won’t help if you’re eating sucks. Eating healthy without exercising won’t completely correct your weight problem either. You must do both!

If you do these three simple tips you’ll almost immediately start losing weight. 

Good Luck,


Clinton Walker III 


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