Straight Arm Pull Down

This is a great isolation exercise for the back as it allows you to work without the involvement of secondary muscles such as the biceps. In addition, you get the bonus of working the abs indirectly as you will need to contract themin order to maintain the position required to perform the exercise.

1. Stand in front of a pull-down bar with your arms extended in front of you, hold onto the bar at shoulder width using palms down grip.

2. In order to gain stability, bend your legs slightly at the knees, contract your abdominals and keep your weight at the heels.

3. Keep the elbows slightly bent and the wrists straight and in a locked position.

4. Maintain a comfortable and forward tilt of the upper body in order to maintain stability throughout the movement.


1. Push the bar down towards the body in a arc like motion, making sure that your are only moving from the shoulder joint and not extending at the elbow. There must be no movement at the elbow joint. It must be locked securely in place.

2. Contract your lats as you lower the bar towards your thighs.

3. When the bar touches your thighs, hold the position for a second or two and then slowly go back to the starting position.

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