How to conduct the sit and reach test

     The YMCA Sit and Reach Test is the most widely used assessment performance procedure. Every trainer or fitness professional should learn how to conduct this test. 


     Tools needed to perform this test properly


a. Sit and Reach Box 

b. Tape Measure or Yard Stick if you want a cheaper way to administer this test


     The Sit and Reach test measures the flexibility of the hamstring, erector spinae muscles, calf, and upper back muscles. Because of the minimum equipment needed, this test is easy to administer.

There may be a slight chance of injury performing this assessment due to the body positioning. Its best to allow a professional fitness expert to teach you how to administer this test before testing on a client. 

Here are the steps:

1. After explaining the purpose of the test to your client, have him/her actively warm up (if Client performing sit and reach test.he/she is not already warmed up) and perform some static stretching, particularly of the hamstrings, low back and calf muscles.

2. Instruct your client to remove his/her shoes and sit on the floor with knees straight (pressed to the floor), and feet approximately 12 inches apart.

The heels should be in contact with the sit and reach box with the ankles dorsiflexed. If no sit and reach box is available, a tape measure or yardstick may be used.

The heels should be aligned at the 15-inch mark on the tape, with the zero end toward the body (the yardstick or tape can be secured to the floor with masking tape placed at a right angle to the 15-inch mark).

3. Have your client place his/her hands on top of each other with fingers aligned, and slowly exhale, stretch out, and touch the box, tape, or yardstick without bouncing. Allow your client to relax and then perform two more trials. (total of three).

4. Your client's score is the best of the three trials and may be compared to the norms for his/her age and sex listed in this chart.

Printable V sit and reach norms chart for men and women.

Download V Sit and Reach Test Norms Medium (17" by 11") 


Sit and Reach Norms



Below Average


Above Average



28cm or less

29-34 cm


39cm or more


29cm or less

30-34 cm

35-39 cm

40cm or more




Sit and Reach Flexibility Test