Band Kneeling Resisted Ab Curl

Primary Muscle Group: Midsection

Muscle Groups Worked in This Exercise: Rectus Abdominus, Obliquus externus abdominis, Obliquus internus abdominis and Pyramidalis

Preparation: Attach the band to a sturdy object at head height when standing. Kneel down with the band in front of you and grasp the handles with a palm-in grip and place them on either side of your head. Lean forward with your back parallel to the floor and elevate your buttocks away from your heels. Breathe out and flatten your abs as if pulling your belly button towards your spine and squeeze your abs so they are tight throughout the exercise.

Breathing: Breathe out as you roll your shoulders toward your pelvis and breathe in as you slowly roll back to start position.

Execution: Pull down against the band by rolling your shoulders towards your pelvis, elbows to thighs. Pause and then slowly uncurl while raising your shoulders until you are back to the start position.

Comments: Try to keep the angle in your hips and legs fixed throughout the entire range of motion so that the target muscles are not being assisted.

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