Band Hammer Curls

Primary Muscle Group: Upper Arms and Forearms

Muscle Groups Worked in This Exercise: Brachioradialis, Brachialis and Biceps brachii

Preparation: Place the resistance band under the arches of both feet and position your feet hip-width apart. Stand tall, tighten your abs and keep your back in alignment. Grasp the handles with a palms-in grip with your arms straight by your sides.

Breathing: Breathe out as you bring your hands up and breathe in as you lower them to start.

Execution: Begin to slowly lift your hands in front of you, flexing at the elbows and your palms facing in. Make sure your upper arms are locked by your sides! When your hands reach shoulder height, pause and then slowly straighten back to start position. This should be when your hands reach the sides of your legs.

Comments: Remember to keep your back and upper arms still throughout the range of motion and don't "throw your weight". If this is too hard, try placing your feet a little closer together. Or, if you need a challenge, move your feet further apart.

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