Band Shoulder Press

Primary Muscle Group: Upper chest, back of upper arms and Shoulders

Muscle Groups Worked in This Exercise: Pectoralis Major, Deltoideus (middle and anterior), Triceps brachii (medial and long heads), and Serratus anterior

Preparation: Place the resistance band on top of a Swiss ball or chair and position yourself so that you are seated on top of the band. Sit straight with shoulders back and abdominal muscles tight. Using an overhand grip, hold the handles of the band with your hands to the side of each shoulder at around shoulder height.

Breathing: Exhale as you extend arms up; inhale when returning to starting position.

Execution: Extend both arms above your head until they are straight and then slowly bend your arms, releasing them back to the start position. Your hands should return and be level with your shoulders. Make sure that your forearms remain vertical throughout the movement.

Comments: If you hold your hands close together and position your elbows forward, you'll primarily work the anterior deltoids and upper pectorals. Conversely, if you maintain a wider grip and flare your elbows out, you will primarily work the anterior and medial deltoids.

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