Good exercises to do using a smith machineGreat exercises you can do using a smith machine. Smith machines are the most popular machines for exercises for working out. All muscle groups can be trained on this structure. The versatility is great and can train all of your muscle groups. This structure can be used for beginners or advanced athletes. A smith machine is basically a barbell attached to a sliding rail system. This type of design allows you to lift with the safety features that free weights don’t allow. Smith machines have built-in hook mechanisms on each side of the bar. 

Advantages of using the smith machine 

According to “The complete Smith Machine: Exercise and Workouts” book, there are many advantages to using a Smith Machine: 

 Don’t need a spot 

Smith machines allow you to workout with heavier weights without a spot. Because of the safety catches and the ability to lock the bar by rotating it. 

Balance and Stability 

Because the barbell is locked into place, you don’t have to worry about balancing the weight when using a smith machine. It also helps force you into using better form when completing an exercise repetition. 

Transition to Free Weights 

Using a smith machine is a great introduction to weight lifting and transition to free weights. 


Because of the safety features and minimum balance required, smith machines also give you confidence when you’re working out. 

Constant Tension 

The smith machine puts constant pressure on the muscles being trained. 

Muscle Isolation 

Smith machine allows you to isolate certain muscles when needed. 

Range of Motion

Because of the ability to exact control (set limits) on the range in motion there are benefits. The most common benefit is for individuals who desire to lift heavier weights with the safety of not going past a restricted range. 


Top 10 Smith Machine Exercises

Although the Smith machine is a versatile piece of equipment, there are 10 great exercises that tops the list of all exercises you can do. These exercises are the foundation of building a great body using this apparatus.

1. Smith Machine Squats

 2. Smith Machine Bench Press

3. Bent over rows

4. Deadlifts

5. Close-grip pull-ups

6. Standing calf raises

7.. Leg curls

8. seated military press

9. lying tricep extension

10. wrist curls