Image of a sample super circuit training workout.Workouts you can do using the super circuit training technique. This system is growing in popularity for group exercise classes. It alternates approximately three minutes of aerobic-type training with approximately one minute of resistance training for a particular body part. Several different stations of exercises may be used for the resistance training segments. 

(e.g., step aerobics, cycling, treadmill running) 

The difference in this an regular circuit training is the rest time. Instead of a short rest, you would perform 1 to 3 minutes of aerobic exercise between each station or resistance training exercise. The aerobics may include activities such as stationary cycling, jogging in place, rope skipping, stair climbing, bench stepping, and rowing. It also provides you with more increase in aerobic capacity than a regular circuit training routine would.


super circuit leg workout

This super circuit leg workout uses three minutes of jogging followed by one minute of a specific leg exercise. Repeat this cycle twice.