Good elliptical trainer workout


Description: Try this elliptical workout routine to help you lose weight.

Equipment Needed: Elliptical machine or Gym membership






Elliptical Exercise 1st. Set

Warm-up Glide at a pace of 75 strides per minute for 5 minutes

5 Minutes


Elliptical Exercise 2nd. Set

Glide at a pace of 130 strides per minutes and stay above this number for 15 minutes or as long as you can. If you get tired, slow down to 100 strides for two minutes. Repeat this sequence for the entire 15 minutes.Use level 5 on your machine or half of the max resistance setting.

15 Minutes


Elliptical Exercise 3rd. Set

Glide at a pace of 115 for 10 minutes. Use a resistance of level 4 or ¼ the max resistance.

10 Minutes