8 minute jump rope workout you can download and print.Workout routines you can do using a jumprope. 

Adding a jump rope workout to your overall routine will help increase your stamina. Look at any boxer or world-class athlete and you will see him or her doing some type of activity with a jump rope. Performing this exercise takes speed and coordination to build up a rhythm. When shopping for a rope, you should make sure you get the right size and weight. Choose a light rope if your goal is to increase speed, agility and stamina. Choose a heavier rope for upper body strengthen while you build your endurance. Whether you are trying to lose weight or sculpt your muscles, a good jump rope workout will help you reach your goal. 

Using Jump Rope Exercises for Cardio

If you are bored with running or other traditional cardio exercises, try a good jump rope routine. Done correctly, you can burn as many calories as running in a shorter time. Jump rope exercise can be either high or medium impact depending on how high you jump. Even if you don’t have rhythm, you can master the jump rope with practice. Some training experts prefer it to running but it’s best to jump rope in addition to other cardiovascular activities. 

Great workout with a jump rope

Description: Here's a good workout you can do using only a jump rope. This workout should last about 10-15 minutes.

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Great jumprope workout

Description: If you would like a great jump rope workout routine, try this one.