Home Cardio Workouts

30 minute home workout you can download and print.
Designing your own home workout is a great way to get in shape without the hassle of going to a gym. With the right equipment, you can design and perform effective routines without leaving the comforts of your neighborhood.

The key is to have the right equipment and space to place and use the equipment. Discipline is also important when working out in your basement.

When you’re getting ready to workout at home, treat it like you are going to the gym. Wear the proper clothes, take some head phones and zone out.  You can’t allow distractions you may face at home like the phone, kids, or your favorite TV show.  


There are many advantages to starting a home workout routine: 

  • Save travel time to and from the gym
  • Save money on membership fees
  • Staying away from germy equipment
  • Availability of all equipment
  • Taking a shower in your own home