Endomorph Body Type exercises and tipsExercises and workout routines for individuals with the endomorph body type. 

This is the guy that’s your offensive lineman type of man. He is big whether he lifts weights at the gym or not. If he works out he may be able to lift massive amounts of weight in a short time. In many cases you are able to gain muscle mass but it may be hard to get cut. Unless you are a supreme athlete, this guy may not be as good with endurance or cardio exercises. Some guys can easily become big and cut but if you are softer, it will take more discipline and patiences. 

Want to trim down to a medium muscular build: 

For example, if you decide you don’t like being 280 or feel unhealthy you may want to slim down to 190-200 which would be slim for a guy this size but. 

Diet: This diet would be a high protein and lower calories diet with clean meals with low fat. You don’t want to lose muscle but you do want to lose that soft fat so make sure you are eating enough calorie but just cleaning it up. 

Workout: You want to make sure you have a combination of cardio workout days and weight lifting days with light weight high reps and your heavy days with 6-12 reps to maintain your strength but cut your weight down. If you are going to lose weight, you must make sure your workouts include a endurance exercises that will get your muscles cut. Short rest times . high reps. 

Training for Mr. Olympia or like being a big dude: 

If you like having the big intimidating size, but want to change it from mostly fat to mostly muscles here’s how: 

Diet. You still need to eat like a big man except you have to clean it up. You should be eating high protein meal with carbs and low fat for the amount of calories you are consuming. 

Workouts: You should be lifting heavy weights to keep that size but make sure you are doing enough reps to get cut. Make sure you are doing cardio to keep your heart healthy with flexibility exercises added. A typical workout week would be a  exercise with 10-12 reps with 2 minute rest for size maintaining and 10-20 reps with 1 minute rest for cutting your muscles. You should find a way to combine those two for the results you are looking for. 


What is an endomorph body type?

The endomorph body type usually has a higher than desirable percentage of body fat distributed at and below the waist. You may have always had trouble maintaining your weight. When you gain weight, it is in all areas of your body. Endomorph's have softer, rounder, physiques and tend to be obese.

You must overcome a metabolism is slower than the other body types to see improvements. A high amount of cardio and weight training activity will increase your metabolism and burn fat.