Mesomorph Body Type exercises and routinesExercises and routines for individuals with the mesomorph body type. 

This is the guy that is on the cover of fitness magazine but may not be so big that he makes the cover of flex or can compete in the Mr. Olympia. With this body type, you can add muscles without struggling. When you increase your weight, you will add muscle and you will be pretty cut depending on your diet. To get really cut, you must be stricter with your diet then a smaller person may be. You typically can get away with junk food more often but still has to have some type of discipline to stay looking good. Here are some tips for people with this type of shape. 

If you are looking to become Mr. Olympia: 

Eating: To change your body type from medium to large, you must eat calories and lots of them, constantly. Many bodybuilders eat at least 3500 calories a day when training to feed the muscles to grow. This is even more important if you are trying grow out of your natural frame size. 

Workout: You typical workout would consist of heavy weights with more rest time in most workouts. Your typical workout would be 3-5 sets of 6-12 reps to encourage muscle growth. You must also switch up your routines to keep your body guess with techniques such as negatives and other muscle building tips. 

If you want to slim down: 

If you want to get supper cut or extremely lean: 

Eating: You should use a good diet with high protein and low fat to get really lean. You must be careful of the kinds of carbs you consume. 

Workouts: should consist of high intensity cardio and exercise routines. A typical workout will by 10-20 reps with less than 60 seconds rest in between. This will help make your muscles stronger but more endurance and leaner. Because you are decreasing the weight and adding cardio, you will slim down. 


What is a mesomorph body type?

A mesomorph type is a strong, muscular athletic body. This body type is able to burn fat easily and add muscle. This is due to a high metabolism. The shape of this type of body is rectangular, roughly the same width at the shoulders, waist and hips.