Great workouts that targets your entire leg.

Strength Building Leg Workout

Description: Here's a great strength building leg workout you can do at the gym.

Muscle Building Gym Leg Workout

Description: Build mass to your legs with this workout designed for the gym.

15 Minute Bodyweight Leg Workout

Description: Great Leg workout you can do using only your body weight as resistance.

Leg Toning Workout

Description: Tone your legs by using only your body weight as resistance.

Killer Leg Workout Routine

Description: Here's a killer leg workout that you can do the next time you go to the gym. 

Good Leg Workout at Home

Description: Here's a good leg workout you can do at home using minimum equipment. This routine requires you to use a resistance band and medicine ball as equipment.

Leg Exercise: Great leg workout you can perform at home



Walk for 10 minutes at a fast pace


Starting Position: Sit on the edge of an exercise bench with one end of the band wrapped around your right ankle, and place your left foot over the other end of the band.

Movement: Exhale as you extend your right foot up until your leg has just a slight bend in it. Inhale as you return your foot back down to the starting position. Repeat on other side as required.

Do 3 sets of 8